This ring is called antimatter. Creating a black ring with a gold inlay requires the use of a unique material we have adopted from the scientific and medical world. It combines the exotic pure element zirconium with an 18ct inlay of rose, yellow or white gold in a perfectly seamless blend of dissimilar metals. It requires calculation, precise manual machining, hand finishing and multiple heat treatment processes.

It is a 7mm band with a 2.5mm inlay of gold offset from the centre of the ring. The gold is a solid machined ring, there are no solder joints. We fit it using an expansion process that eliminates the possibility of the inlay ever working loose. The edges of the ring have been chamfered to add detail and increase daily comfort.

The centre surface of the ring including the gold inlay has a satin finish, while the chamfered edges and interior of the ring have a high polish adding subtle differences in reflectivity.

The end result is an absolutely stunning effect of light and dark that will stand the test of time in terms of durability and design.


Monoblack is our name for oxidised zircnium, a metal that has had its surface converted into an extremely durable black ceramic layer. A completely natural process that requires no external coatings and therefore no maintenance in the future. Read more about Monoblack here. 


Width 7mm

Thickness 1.5mm

Inlay Metal:
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