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We're serious about packaging


Milled from solid billet 6061 aluminium. No expense spared.

Each ring box and lid is machined from a solid block of aluminium. This isn't an extrusion or pressed out of a thin sheet of aluminium, this is serious hardware. Every part is solid metal. Sure, we could have just ordered in some generic cardboard or painted MDF ring boxes with our logo slapped on the top and you probably would have been perfectly satisfied with your purchase. Call it over-engineering, but we wanted to create something that is entirely designed in-house, entirely unique and made from absolutely premium materials. In this era, we all have access to the ability to create beautiful objects. Why not?


How each box is made

Starting from a solid slab of 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, the box and lid are precisely machined into their final shapes. 

The components then undergo bead blasting to remove machining marks and create a beautiful matte effect on the surface.

Following bead blasting, the parts are anodised a deep sea black colour.

The ring pouch is laser cut from black microfiber suede. A soft, durable guilt-free luxury material commonly used on high-end car seats.

The Uniform Black logo is debossed into the surface of the pouch.

The Uniform Black logo is etched into the surface of the box lid using a diamond, creating a shimmering metallic effect as the aluminium shows through.