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SPECIALiSts in bespoke wedding rings for men Since 2010.

“Good design is aesthetic. Good design is unobtrusive.”



Our Story

Uniform Black was founded to design and make wedding rings for men. From the raw material to the end result, we do it all.

Most jewellery stores stock third party brands of rings, whereas we design and custom make all wedding rings in house. We are highly design oriented, and will not show or sell rings that don’t meet our standard for durability and aesthetics. This allows us total control over the design process, quality of products, lead times and after sales service.

Melbourne showroom & Workshop

Our by-appointment showroom is a low pressure, high information environment in which you can try on our range of rings and sit down with the maker to discuss and decide on every detail of your ring. Start with a quote and take some time to decide.

Our display rings are all made from real precious metals, so you can see and feel the real deal.

Starting with our Men’s Platinum Rings

Made for you from the finest, high purity platinum in Melbourne.

The Rolls Royce of metals, our platinum is 95% pure.

Available in all profiles, widths, thicknesses, sizes and finishes.


Men’s White Gold Rings

Only the best palladium based white gold, naturally white enough to not require rhodium plating.

Most white gold seen in jewellery stores is hidden by rhodium plating, and once this wears off you see the true (yellow-ish) colour of the metal.

We avoid this problem by starting with only the whitest white gold, and not plating it.

from 1,000.00
Zero 6mm
from 350.00

Our ring boxes are made from machined billet aluminium with an alcantara pouch.


Custom Made Men’s Titanium Rings

Each titanium ring is made in-house just for you by the founder of Uniform Black.

We order our titanium from the world’s finest producers and have it lab tested locally to ensure it meets the strictest standards for purity.

Zero 7mm
from 350.00

We design and make our own rings, we don’t stock brands like everyone else.

The men’s wedding ring market is mostly dominated by a few major wholesale brands that sell to most major jewellery stores. In our opinion, they don’t engage in good design.

Uniform Black was founded to be able to design and make our rings in-house, we don’t just order your ring in from a wholesale catalogue. It’s by design.


Men’s Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Not all rose gold is the same. Our carefully selected rose gold alloys make all the difference.

From the rich copper colour of our affordable 9ct rose gold to the beautifully warm 18ct rose gold, again we only work with the best.

Mazzone Reduced
from 400.00

Custom Made Black ZIrconium Rings 

As one of, if not the first manufacturer of black zirconium rings in Australia, we have plenty of experience working with this unique metal.

We don’t order our black zirconium rings in from overseas, we manufacture them ourselves allowing absolute control over the design.

Our zirconium is also lab tested to ensure it is of the highest purity.

from 650.00

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