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Ring Size Tips


Your finger size changes all the time 

You need to try your sizing rings on at different times and in different conditions. Fingers swell on a hot day and are smaller on a cool day, they are bigger in the morning than at night.

The goal is to find your average size that will allow the ring to be comfortable at either extreme. 


Getting sized by other stores is inconsistent

While there is a standard that correlates direct millimetre measurements with the Australian ring size scale, most jewellers don't measure in millimetres. They use a cone shaped mandrel which the ring fits over, the problem is these mandrels vary from different suppliers, and the way the jewellery store clerk reads the size off the mandrel also varies.

The sizing rings that stores usually use are also very narrow. They don't accurately reflect the fit of an 8mm wide titanium ring for example. 


Comfort fit rings fit differently to flat fit rings.

Comfort fit means the inside of the ring has a rounded shape to it. A comfort fit ring in exactly the same size as a flat fit ring will feel totally different. If you get sized up for a flat fit ring and then order a comfort fit ring in that size, it will be wrong. 


Rings of different widths feel different too.

An 8mm wide ring in a size R will feel tighter than a 5mm ring in a size R because there is more surface area covering your finger. This is why we send you tailored sets of sizing rings that are the same width as your chosen design. 


A custom made ring that doesn't fit is a major pain, but we've got you covered.

While we don't charge extra to exchange or resize your ring if the wrong size was ordered, it's additional time you'll have to wait while we resize or remake the ring.

If possible we will resize your ring, if it's not possible then we will make you a new one. 


Titanium can be re-sized larger but not smaller.

We can expand a titanium ring with relative ease, but we can't make it smaller. 


Coated titanium rings and Monoblack zirconium can't be re-sized.

This includes our Nanoblock and various other high tech coatings. If we try to expand a coated ring, the coating will be damaged.

This is due to the coating being extremely hard and inflexible. If you need a new size, you need a new ring unfortunately. 


Gold, white gold, platinum and palladium can be re-sized larger or smaller.

These metals can be re-sized with no issues whatsoever. Typically, we'll avoid cutting the rings and re-size them by either expanding or compressing the ring.

This avoids creating joins in the metal, and maintains the integrity of the ring.