Spectrum is made from our "Monoblack" Black Zirconium, a metal-ceramic hybrid. It has a flat profile with chamfered edges, the edges are polished in contrast with the brushed finish in the centre of the ring.

Spectrum begins as a purified bar of metallic zirconium, an element very similar to titanium in appearance and physical properties. It is light weight, non-toxic, and will never tarnish or corrode.

The ring is precisely machined from the solid bar using a manually controlled lathe and then hand finished using multiple grades of emery and synthetic diamond infused lapping paste until the desired finish is achieved. The ring is then oxidised in a furnace designed for dental ceramic work, allowing precision temperature and time control. Precise control of these variables induces an incredible change to the surface of the metal, converting it into a ceramic form that happens to be black in appearance.

The Monoblack ceramic layer is extremely durable, it will not wear off with time or fade, and will resist practically every form of physical abrasion the ring is likely to encounter in daily life. It is the ultimate black material.

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