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Mazzone is a solid 950 platinum ring and was named after its designer Mark Mazzone. 

The ring was modelled in 3D by Mark, a talented product designer from Melbourne. Using sophisticated software to simulate the effects of light on the ring, the curves were precisely adjusted to facilitate the movement of reflections across the ring, giving the Mazzone a unique reflective quality.

A 3D model is one thing, but to physically achieve the organic yet very precise curves on the ring, a resin model is "grown" using a sophisticated rapid prototyping machine. Unlike consumer level 3D printers that apply layers of melted plastic to build an object, this machine utilises a pool of liquid resin and a laser which selectively cures the resin as it is slowly raised out of the pool. It allows much finer resolution on the object, eliminating visible layers and creating a true one to one representation of the 3D model. 

Once the wax model is ready, traditional jewellery techniques take over and your ring is cast in molten platinum. 

The cast ring is then hand-finished to achieve a fine brushed pattern on the outer surface, and a high polish on the inner diameter of the ring. 

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