Karbon is our signature innovation. 

It is created from a pure metal called zirconium. Zirconium is a hypo-allergenic, bio-compatible, non-toxic element that is very rarely seen in consumer products. There is likely to be less zirconium in circulation than even platinum. It is very similar to titanium in behaviour. 

The defining characteristic of zirconium, is that it turns black when heated. The metal reacts with oxygen once it reaches a high enough temperature, and this reaction forms zirconium dioxide on the surface of the ring. Zirconium dioxide is ceramic in nature, and as hard as sapphire. 

The black layer on this ring will not wear off with time, you won't see fading on the corners like most black plated jewellery, and due to it's high hardness, it is very difficult to scratch. 

It is available in matte, brushed and polished finishes. 


WIDTH 7mm (pictured)

DEPTH 1.5mm

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