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Introducing Monoblack

Black zirconium rings, made in Melbourne.

Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology
— Dieter Rams

Why Monoblack

We have tested and experimented with every possible option for creating a black ring. Ranging from ceramics to titanium coated with diamond-like carbon. Black zirconium, or Monoblack as we call it, has proven to be the best by far. It does not wear off with time, it is very difficult to scratch, it is made entirely in-house so the lead time is as quick as possible, and we can combine it with precious metals. 

Monoblack is made from a pure metal called zirconium. It is closely related to titanium. With specialised thermal processing, the surface of zirconium transforms into a ceramic state which happens to be a beautiful black colour. This ceramic surface is extremely tough and will not wear off with time. Only the surface of the metal is ceramic, keeping the strength of a metallic core. The material is sometimes referred to as "black zirconium".


Pure Monoblack rings are a flat rate of $400.

Monoblack combined with precious metal varies.

Monoblack has the hardness of sapphire with the internal strength of an aerospace metal.