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What is Black Zirconium?


There are plenty of black rings on the market, but none of them stand the test of time like ours.

Machined from pure zirconium, a hypoallergenic metal similar to titanium but far more rare.

Black Zirconium Rings - How They're made



Starting with a solid bar of pure zirconium, we machine it down in a reductive process to create your ring.

Once the ring reaches its final dimensions and shape, it is hand finished for the desired appearance.

If your ring incorporates gold or platinum, these elements are added to the ring using a unique expansion process and seamlessly finished.



This is where the magic happens. Oxidation occurs when a metal reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere.

For example, steel left outside oxidises to produce iron oxide on the surface, a red coloured coating we call rust.

In the case of zirconium, the natural oxidation is invisible and actually protects the metal, making it extremely resistant to the elements.

When zirconium is heated in a furnace, this oxidation rate increases dramatically and the metal reacts to produce a much thicker oxide layer.

This oxide layer is called zirconium dioxide and is black in colour. Zirconium dioxide is also ceramic in nature, black zirconium rings don't feel like metal.

Furthermore, the oxide layer is extremely tough, it will not rub off with time and is extremely scratch resistant.