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Advanced Materials

Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology
— Dieter Rams

Uniform Black prides itself on experimenting with alternative materials that can allow previously unobtainable aesthetic options and massively improved durability. We have established connections with technology and research firms that allow us to offer advanced coatings and materials typically unavailable to the public. From pure machined titanium to extremely durable black zirconium metal-ceramic rings, we can make it happen. 


Our currently available options




Monoblack is black zirconium, a pure metal with the surface converted into a super hard black ceramic. It won't wear off, unlike all other black jewellery on the market (glorified powder coatings). This is considered the holy grail of black rings.

Typically used in medical implants, it is an extremely safe material. Monoblack is available in polished, brushed and matte (pictured) finishes.

Why? If you would like a black ring that will not fade.



A beautiful dark grey coating of aluminium chromium nitride. Normally used on medical implants and tools to reduce wear, the beautiful dark gunmetal grey colour adds a unique visual dimension to your ring. The coating will not wear off over time, it is applied with some of the most advanced equipment in a multi-million dollar facility.  It is available in polished, brushed and microblasted (pictured) finishes.

Why? If you would like a dark gunmetal appearance.


A coating of titanium aluminium nitride. TiAlN is most commonly used on medical implants and machine tools. Like our other coatings, it is designed to significantly increase the lifespan of mechanical parts. It exhibits a dark grey-violet appearance. Also available in polished, brushed and matte microblasted (pictured) finishes. 

Why? if you want a dark grey ring with subtle purple tones.



One of the hardest coatings available. Made up of titanium carbon nitride, it is grey-blue in colour and offers extreme scratch and abrasion resistance. Ideal if you don't want a ring that is dark in appearance like our other coating options, but still exhibits amazing scratch resistance. Available in polished, brushed (pictured) and matte finishes.

Why? If you don't want a ring that's too dark, but still exhibits scratch resistance and looks different from any other metal.