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Precision-made white gold rings for men.



Engineering Precision

Uniform Black's white gold rings are machined from solid bars of 18 carat and 9 carat white gold.

Traditional methods of ring making do not allow the precise detailing we incorporate into our designs. 

In the process of being made into solid bars, the metal is also work hardened, giving our rings superior hardness and long term durability over cast rings.



The highest quality white gold

Our rings do not come with rhodium plating like most white gold rings. When you see a white gold ring in a jewellery store, you are generally seeing white gold that has been coated with a thin layer of another metal named rhodium, which gives it a much whiter appearance than the actual white gold underneath. This process has to be repeated regularly to maintain the colour of your ring. 

At Uniform Black, we don't believe in hiding the natural colour of white gold because we think it's beautiful in it's own way. For this reason, we use the highest quality white gold possible which incorporates palladium as the predominant alloying metal. This also allows us to combine precious metals by sintering them together, permanently bonding rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and platinum into unique and innovative designs.