Lifetime Warranty

Uniform Black rings come with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects.

The lifetime warranty does not cover scratches or changes in finish that are to be expected with time.

We will repair or replace your ring in the event of a defect with no questions asked.

Lifetime SIZE Exchange

Wedding rings are one of the few objects that we buy in life that we are expected to not only keep forever, but wear forever.

Our finger sizes change over the years, this is why we are now offering one free exchange with no time restrictions.

If we can't resize your ring, we'll re-make it for you at no extra charge.


At Uniform Black, we use the highest quality materials available. We use third party accredited lab testing facilities to ensure the purity of our metals is as it should be, even when suppliers have provided their own certification.

For example

Our black zirconium rings are grade 702 and lab tests show a composition of >=97.3% zirconium.

Our titanium rings are ultra high purity, lab test results show >99.9% titanium content.

Our advanced material coatings are applied by a specialist facility in Melbourne.