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Weekend Showroom Bookings

Choose a day and time below. Each booking allocates an hour and ensures we don't need to rush.

You may also text us on 0432075048 to make a booking outside our normal hours. 

Trading Hours

Appointments are required for Saturday and Sunday as these are the showroom's busiest days.

Weekdays don't require bookings, just drop in.

Visit the showroom

At our showroom, you will find a wide range of styles on display including titanium, black zirconium rings, gold and platinum rings. Every style is customisable in every aspect, and we'll assist you through this process with zero pressure or sales tactics.

Our Address

We are located at 130 Gamon Street, Yarraville, Victoria 3013 Australia. About 15 minutes from the CBD. The showroom is in a semi-residential area and has no parking restrictions.