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Custom Ring Pricing Guide

Nobody enjoys products with no prices listed. We hope this helps.

Pure Titanium Rings


Our titanium rings are made from lab tested titanium which is 99%+ pure.

An entirely custom made ring is AUD$350 including GST. 

This price applies to any width or thickness, it is a flat rate. 

Monoblack | Black Zirconium Rings


Our monoblack / black zirconium rings are made from grade 702 zirconium with a purity of 97%, lab tested by a third party.

Zirconium is a more expensive metal than titanium, and requires more steps to complete a ring.

The listed price applies to any width, thickness or finish.


18 Carat White, Rose & Yellow Gold Rings

5mm width x 1.5mm thickness - $1200

6mm width x 1.5mm thickness - $1400

7mm width x 1.5mm thickness - $1600

8mm width x 1.5mm thickness - $1800

The price for a gold ring depends on the amount of metal in the ring. This is a rough guide.

Keep in mind when comparing prices that the thickness has a large effect on the amount of metal in a ring.

For example, a 1.2mm thick ring is 20% thinner than a 1.5mm thick ring, therefore the price will be roughly 20% less.