Unity - 7mm Rose Gold & Black Zirconium

Unity - 7mm Rose Gold & Black Zirconium

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A modern take on a traditional shape. Polished 9 carat gold (rose gold pictured) and a precisely fitted raised outer band of brushed black zirconium combine to create an amazing two tone effect. Contrary to many of our offset designs, the black band in this ring is centred with equal amounts of gold on either side to satisfy the inner perfectionist among us.

It is a 7mm wide band with 4.5mm of black zirconium in the centre. By design, the black zirconium outer band can be removed by us and replaced in the future in the event of damage or a change in taste.

Monoblack is our name for oxidised zirconium, a metal that has had its surface converted into an extremely durable black ceramic layer. Read more about Monoblack here. 


Width 7mm

Thickness 1.6mm

Precious Metal:
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