Atomic Black

Atomic Black


This ring features an 8mm wide flat profile with an off-centre machined channel.

The ring begins as a solid bar of pure titanium. It is hand machined in Melbourne just for you. Once the ring is machined to its final dimensions, it undergoes blasting with glass beads to produce the matte finish. At this point the ring is ready for the Monoblack coating to be applied.

Monoblack is what we call our diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, an abrasion resistant layer of amorphous carbon that will never wear off like all other black jewellery. It is applied by a specialist in the USA and has been specially formulated for our rings. Standard DLC coatings are very thin, ours is substantially thicker to improve the scratch resistance. We have tested DLC coatings from all over the world and have narrowed down the best performing coating for your total peace of mind.

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