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Your ring needs to not only look good, it needs to suit your lifestyle.

Uniform Black can help you design it.

Good design is aesthetic. Good design is unobtrusive.
— Dieter Rams' design principles.




Custom made titanium rings

Titanium is our most popular metal, we can make your ring to exact specifications from this space age metal.

It is light, strong, hypoallergenic, will never tarnish or rust and has a greyish lustre.

  • Machined in-house in Melbourne from solid titanium bar
  • Made exactly to your specifications
  • Practically any profile available
  • Made from lab tested pure titanium
  • Anodising available to incorporate blue or purple accents.
  • Turnaround time as quick as 3 weeks with a 4 business day priority service available for a small fee.

PRICING - Flat rate $350 including GST



Custom made gold, platinum and palladium rings

In addition to titanium, we offer the more traditional options of gold, white gold, rose/pink gold, platinum and palladium in a variety of carats.

  • All precious rings are precisely machined from solid bar, not cast or made from flat wire.
  • Every imaginable customisation is available.
  • We can modify the width, thickness, outer profile, inner profile, add many types of grooves, add chamfered edges etc.
  • Turnaround time as quick as 3 weeks with a 4 business day priority service available for a small fee.


PRICINGHighly variable, contact us.  


Custom made two tone rings

The above options can be combined in almost any combination.

Depending on the metals involved, we will use different processes to make the ring.

When combining precious metals such as platinum & gold or white gold & rose gold, the metals are sintered together, permanently bonding them.

Combining titanium with precious metals is another specialty of ours, we can provide titanium inlays in precious metals or vice versa.

  • Seamlessly made, we never need to use solder to keep a ring together.
  • Sintering is a permanent process with no risk of failure later on.
  • Turnaround time as quick as 3 weeks with a 4 day priority service available for a small fee.

PRICING - Highly variable, contact us.


Custom made black rings

From day one, Uniform Black has incorporated advanced materials into wedding rings to create new and unique finishes.

  • Oxidation of metallic zirconium creates a highly abrasion and scratch resistant ceramic coating, naturally.
  • Repairable if damaged.
  • Made entirely in-house.
  • Available in brushed and polished finishes.
  • Turnaround time of 3 weeks.


PRICING - $350-400

Whether you climb mountains or play video games, take advantage of our years of experience in helping men design rings that suit their lifestyle.

Seemingly minor design choices can be the difference between a ring that you love wearing, and a ring that gets in the way.




Precious metal rings require calculation, please contact us for an accurate quote

All custom rings except Monoblack coated are ready within 3 weeks