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How we make black and gold rings

The problem with incorporating black design elements into a ring is durability and longevity of the black material. Unfortunately there are no solid black metals in existence. Most black jewellery that you see is coated with PVD, which has a finite lifespan.

The solution is to craft the black sections of the ring from pure zirconium and combine it with 18 carat gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

Zirconium is strong, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, bio-compatible and resistant to corrosion. 

Zirconium has an incredibly unique ability which makes it perfect for the job. Once it reaches a high enough temperature, it begins reacting with the oxygen in the air, forming zirconium oxide on the surface of the metal. This oxide happens to be ceramic in nature and black in colour which is what we're looking for, and luckily enough also happens to be extremely tough. Studies have shown it to be as hard as sapphire.

Since the oxide layer is a natural extension of the metal itself, it is tightly bonded to the underlying metal and highly resistant to scratches and wear.

We apply heat to the ring in a microprocessor controlled precision quartz tube furnace to ensure even growth of the oxide layer. We can accommodate custom requests - if you have any questions or design ideas, please click the button below to contact us for a quote.



Examples of our black and gold rings.

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