Uniform Black started in early 2009 as an online store named Base Jewellery, specialising in jewellery for men. Over time we have become more specialised, changed names, and now focus on mens wedding and engagement rings. We do not keep rings in stock, everything is entirely custom made for you.

What we can do for you

Beginning as a simple online retailer of mens rings, Uniform Black can now work with you to design your own ring. This ring can be made from titanium, platinum, gold, white gold or palladium. We now offer various innovative materials such as black zirconium, titanium with various high-tech coatings and many unique combinations of materials.

Why Uniform Black

First of all, Uniform Black only deal with mens rings. We have a much larger range than most jewellers. Our service is highly personalised, and not about making the sale at all costs. We get to know you, and help you design a ring that suits you.

Unlike traditional methods, our rings are crafted from solid metal in a reductive process. We do not utilise plaster casting, and as a result our rings far excell traditional methods in both accuracy and durability. Our rings do not contain any joins or solder either, only pure seamless metal machined from a solid block. Our white gold for example is made from only the best ingredient, palladium. Before the ring is even made, the raw metal is hammered to increase its density and hardness. While it might be the opposite for some, our 18 carat gold is actually as hard as our 9 carat gold because of the unique pre-processing we do.

Depending on the design choices, your ring may be crafted in-house or by outside talent, and only by the best in the field. This gives us total flexibility to create your ideal ring, as we are not limited to what a corporate pre-determined wholesaler can sell us, like big chain jewellers.


Our showroom is located in Yarraville, Victoria, Australia


Design Principles

Uniform Black attempts to adhere to the design principles outlined by renowned German industrial designer Dieter Rams, who has designed some of the most iconic products on Earth during his time at Braun.

Credit to Vitsoe for this image under the creative commons license. 

Credit to Vitsoe for this image under the creative commons license.